Welcome to People Tracing Secrets, the first ever do it yourself People Tracing Course

Imaging waking up and knowing there were things you could do to track down that missing person from your life.

How would it make you feel to know you were searching and getting close to them and where they are now?

Are you ready for People Tracing Secrets? The course that puts you back in touch with the person you are looking for!

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About People Tracing Secrets...

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You will get

Access to the only people tracing course in the country, spread out over 6 easy to navigate modules, 27 in-depth walk through videos all backed by 45 downloadable PDF documents.

Never told before

This course is packed full of industry secrets that have never before been released or even openly discussed all laid bare to give you the best chance of success.

You can expect

Through dedication, commitment and hard work you will learn how the experts do it. Followed correctly our hints and tips will direct you into sucessfully locating who you are looking for. All for a single payment of just £147!

How will People Tracing Secrets Help Me?

Secret #1
Information & Fact Finding

Learn what 3 key pieces of information you need to know to make finding your person possible.

Secret #2
Births, Deaths & Marriages

Find out why these documents are so crucial to a search for a living person.

Secret #3
Other Historical Records

Uncover the single most important question you must address but most ignore.

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Secret #4
Address Search

Once you've done all the important first stage, you can start to look for their address.

Secret #5

This module will show you the very best way to make first contact.

Secret #6
Professional Services

There are so many aspects to finding people that you may on occasion need additional services..

This course was written by FinderMonkey's Head Researcher David Oates and is split into six different secrets

Who are FinderMonkey?

FinderMonkey are the UK's leading People Tracing Company. We specialise in locating your old friends and lost relatives.

Our award winning customer service, our TV work and over 15,000 people reunited in the last ten years means we're now the most trusted people tracing company in the UK.

Award winning people tracing service

92% success rate

Read our independent 5 star reviews

Thousands of happy clients

The UK's most trusted people tracing agents

Over 15,000 people reunited in the last ten 10 years


Who Is David Oates?

He's famous for his work on BBC1 and TLC as well as personally reuniting over 7000 people since 2011 working at FinderMonkey.

He is a member of the Association of Genealogy and has written a book called Long Lost Family Tracing.

Author of Long Lost Family Tracing

20 years of experience in People Tracing

Head Researcher at FinderMonkey for 10 years

Featured in Newspapers and on National Radio

Featured on BBC1's Family Finders TV programme

Personally worked on over 7,000 unique cases

How much does it cost?

I've discovered a unique way that is perfect for tracing old friends and long lost family members. Now for the first time i'm letting you in on the secret.

My unique course allows you to find someone without the drama. Without worrying if it's the right thing to do. You can look for them at your own pace in your own time.

For a one off payment of just £147 you get lifetime access to this amazing course!

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee! If you don't think the course is value for money you can claim a full refund

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Is this guide for me?

If your looking to locate a lost friend or missing loved one.

If your not looking to locate a lost friend or missing loved one.

Its ideal if you’ve explored your family tree and found a living relative but can’t trace them.

It's not for people looking for a quick fix. It still takes work and effort.

Its perfect if you have a low budget or just enjoy investigating things yourself.

It's not suitable for finding people who owe you money, debtors or ex tenants.

Frequently asked questions

We want to help as many people as possible so the course is just £147 including VAT.
Yes! If you have a question that is not answered in the course, drop us an email and we'll be happy to give you an answer and then add it to the course.
Yes! We want to help as many people as possible find the person missing from their life.

How this guide has helped people just like you

Thanks to the People Tracing Secrets course I was able to locate my birth mother after over twenty years apart.

Lauren Dean,

I used the guide to find my fathers full name and date of birth. I also used the feedback form to ask a question which really helped me push my search forward.

David Strongman,

This guide is so cool. I loved how easy it is to get going and feel like I’m making progress with my own search.

Peter Green,

How do I get started?

Step #1

Make your one off payment of just £147

Step #2

Check your email and create your account

Step #3

Login and get to work



It's a single one off payment of just £147 for lifetime access to the course.


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


The course is updated as we get suggestions and questions from people just like you. So if your question isn't answered just email us and we'll answer it within 48 hours.


We can't guarantee by using this course you will find your person but we arm you with tactics and technics to make finding them possible.